Lake Country Manufacturing, Inc.

Lake Country Manufacturing is a privately owned manufacturer of buffing and polishing products. By delivering high-quality, value-added products all Lake Country products contribute to your profitability.

History—In 1977, Jim Schneider purchased the former Milwaukee Tanning company from the Knoernschild family and changed the name to Lake Country Manufacturing.

Milwaukee Tanning was established in 1883 by the Knoernschild family and manufactured 4 main lines of goods: sheepskin apparel, powder puffs, leather dice cups and sheepskin buffing pads. During the first decade of ownership, Jim slowly sold off the other portions of the company to focus solely on the buffing industry. The business started in a 10,000 square foot building in Merton, Wisconsin.

Popular Products from Lake Country Manufacturing

BP 92600-Knitted Lambswool Pad 6”

The foam interface makes this pad feel great on a rotary machine but has the durability and firmness to hold up on even a 21 mm DA machine. This pad works well on gelcoat to remove oxidation and can be used as a one step pad due to the amazing finish it provides. For DA, this pad is ideally used for heavy compounding bringing superior cutting abilities compared to a microfiber pad.

BP 93650-HDO Cutting Pad 6.5”

Our dual layer designed foam reduces lateral/horizontal movement, resulting in a reduction of molecular friction inside the pad which increases durability by eliminating excessive heat and reducing foam fatigue.

BP 23650- HDO Polish Pad 6.5”

HDO pads block heat transfer between layers and offer the same benefits of a thin pad. Along with the benefits of a thin pad, the design and shape offer proper weight and weight distribution for maximum performance. The center cooling chamber dissipates heat away from the center of the pad, reducing temperatures and increasing durability.

BP 73650- HDO Finish Pad 6.5”

Design offers even pressure distribution like an exact fit pad, but shape/profile offers the precision and safety of a tapered pad. The tapered edge prevents pad rolling and provides great pad rotation. Great for curved and contoured panels.

BP 4105- Velcro Cutting Pad 7.5”

100% twisted wool is the most aggressive they come, and can be found in any shop. These wool pads are used in every industry and a standard for heavy cutting applications. Choose a shorter pile to increase aggression when compounding or longer pile to increase durability.

BP 58325 – Purple Foamed Knitted Wool Pads

Our patented process of combining lambswool and foam creates a unique cutting and polishing experience, with variants designed to cater to all users. The 1″ and 3/4″ pile variants are a perfect alternative to traditional wool pads on Rotary or Forced DA polishers, while our 1/4″ pile variants are optimized for use on any orbital polisher (Forced DA or Random Orbital).

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