Crest® Industries

Quality, Value, and Service.

Those three guiding principles are what have allowed this family-owned and operated business to supply quality products at competitive prices with outstanding customer service since 1971.

Crest Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals for the professional automotive technician and industrial customer. From the very beginning, Crest has been a Michigan Company and in 2001, they completed construction of a new, 30,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility in Trenton, Michigan.

Popular Products from Crest®

CR CBJ2- Black Jack 2-part Epoxy

Controlled flow, black epoxy seam sealer / adhesive for seams where a flow grade sealer is desired. Ten minute work time, sand / paint in 30 minutes. Excellent adhesion and flexibility. Bare metal approved. Includes two mixing nozzles.

CR BSB- Sharkbite Premium Body Filler

High performance, lightweight body filler with outstanding adhesion to steel (including galvanized), aluminum, E-coat, SMC, fiberglass, and sanded/cured primer and paint. Sanding to bare metal not required! Smooth, creamy, EZ sanding, pinhole-free finish. Includes 2.75 fl. oz. hardener.

CR BSC- Skim Coat Glazing Putty

Premium two-part polyester finishing putty adheres to galvanized metal, E-coat, aluminum, steel, body filler, SMC, fiberglass, and sanded/cured primer and paint. Smooth, creamy, and flowable with good resistance to sagging on vertical applications. Tack-free sanding in 15 minutes. Won’t load paper. Excellent resistance to pinholes. May be blended with conventional body filler and putties. No stain/bleed. Includes 1 fl. oz. hardener.

CR AT02- Satin Black Trim Coat Aerosol

Satin Black Trim Coat – Matches OEM finish for automotive exterior trim. Provides superior adhesion to stainless, chrome, steel, aluminum. Will not crack or peel. No primer required.

CR ACR-Paintable Rubber Undercoat Aerosol

All rubber undercoat. No asphalt, no-bleed. For fender replacements, section repairs, weld joints, rust holes, trunk interiors, lower body surfaces. Fast drying, paintable. Waterproofs, sound deadens, protects. Color: Black.

CR ABO- Blackout Undercoat Aerosol

Excellent for wheel wells, frame rails, undercarriages and fenders. Fast drying formula that stays flexible and will not crack or chip.

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