Car Brite Select Cutting Compound

Car Brite Select Cutting Compound

Select cutting compound details


Removes scratches and nibs on repaired or original painted surfaces.  Abrasive crystals break down during the buffing cycle creating refined polishing agents for a high gloss.  The easy-to-use water-based, low solvent formula provides an extended buffing window with limited dust and residue for easy clean-up.  And it’s silicone-free making it safe for body shop applications.

key benefits

Low dust formula with long working window.
Abrasives break down for a high gloss.

how to use select cutting compound

1. Shake the bottle before using.
2. Sand surface to P1000 or finer then wipe the surface clean.
3. Using only a small amount in each area, polish with a Car Brite polishing pad at a low speed for ten seconds exerting increased pressure while tilting the buffer.
4. With light pressure, polish the area with a flat pad for 20-40 seconds.
5. Remove any residue with a clean, microfiber towel.